Besblock Office Extension
Besblock Office Extension
An extension and remodeling of the existing Besblock office in Telford.
Besblock are a long established manufacturing company  producing high quality concrete blocks from their factory in Telford. This proposal is to extend their existing office building with a new first floor and reception area.
A two storey glazed elevation to the south signals the main entrance. A curved extension to the north housing a new fire escape uses Besblock standard curved blocks.
The proposal is to insulate and re-clad the existing building with Besblock shot-blast Parchment blocks. First floor ribbon windows provide panoramic views for surveillance of the site.
An over sailing roof provides a sheltered edge to the building and provides solar shading to the first floor windows.

Besblock Ltd
Halesfield 21, Telford, TF7 4NF
  1. Proposed Besblock Office extension
  2. Reception Interior - Besblock Office
  3. Office Interior - Besblock Office
  4. Boardroom Interior - Besblock
  5. Proposed Elevation - Besblock Ltd