Number Four Interior by BHN architects
Number Four, Butcher Row
BHN have had a long standing relationship with the Restaurant owners of No.4 Butcher Row in Shrewsbury, undertaking various Planning Applications on a Grade II listed building.

The proposal is to remove the roof from the later single storey extension to No.4 and build off the existing masonry wall to provide a first floor extension and ‘Bridge Link’ to the adjacent property of No.23A St Mary’s Street.
The proposed first floor will be built up from the existing masonry walls and be primarily supported by a new structural timber frame that will also support a proposed mezzanine.  

The proposed mezzanine is located so that it is displaced from the original rear façade of No.4 Butcher Row. In between the existing rear façade and the mezzanine is a double height space - where the contrast between old and new can be clearly seen.

The proposed first floor extension is to be clad with black stained timber to provide a contrast to the existing red brick.  A bridge link stitches together No 4 and 23a.
Number Four
4 Butcher Row, Shrewsbury, SY1 1UW
  1. Number Four Interior to Grade II Listed Building
  2. Interior Design by BHN architects
  3. Restaurant Interior by Baart Harries Newall
  4. Restaurant Interior by BHN architects
  5. First Floor Extension to Grade II Listed Building
    Existing (Left), After Demolition (Middle), Proposed (Right)