1. Shrewsbury Architects Baart Harries Newall
  2. Shropshire Architects Baart Harries Newall
  3. BHN architects, Shrewsbury Based
  4. Primary School Design, West Midlands
  5. Educational Architecture by BHN architects
  6. Primary School Design by Shrewsbury Architects Baart Harries Newall
  7. Mansers Antiques by Shrewsbury Architects Baart Harries Newall
  8. Nexus by Shrewsbury Architects Baart Harries Newall
  9. Primary School Extension by Shrewsbury Architects Baart Harries Newall
  10. Sustainable Architecture by Baart Harries Newall (Shrewsbury, Shropshire)

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The collaborative relationship we form with our clients is central to the way we work. We seek to establish a clear understanding of the ambitions and objectives of our clients and translate them into high quality, sustainable architectural solutions.

Over the years we have created a diverse body of work in both the public and commercial sector, the quality of which has been recognized by repeat client commissions and many architectural awards.

We offer a design excellence, a solid base of technical expertise and experience developed through our work with a wide range of clients.

We know from our years of experience that finding the right solutions through Architecture relies on asking the right questions. Dialogue is at the heart of what we do.


Register of Architects Accredited in Building Conservation
The Association for Environment Conscious Building
Baart Harries Newall The Green Register